RVing Offers the Best Vacation Value

Road in RV parkSince the 1980s, PKF Consulting, an international travel and tourism research firm, has conducted seven complete vacation cost analyses comparing the cost of various typical family RV trips with other types of vacations. Every study, including the most recent in 2008 when fuel prices were at a cyclic high, found that a typical family RV vacation costs less than a vacation with travel by personal car or airline coupled with hotels and rental cars, or taking a cruise or renting a condo.

Among the RV vacations, even those taken in an ultra-luxury Type A diesel motorhome were less expensive than flying and staying in a hotel for all but one trip analyzed. Only a family taking a vacation by personal car with hotel or renting a condo and cooking for themselves would spend less than a family taking a trip in a high-end motorhome. Type A owners say the added space, comfort and convenience while traveling justify the added investment in the luxury model.