RV Camping Continues Upward Trend

RV Camping

Camping has long been America’s favorite family vacation, and recent numbers indicate the trend is not only still true, but its popularity is on the rise. According to the RV Industry Association, in 2020 more than 11 million U.S. households owned an RV – the highest level ever recorded, and a 62% increase over twenty years ago!

RV owners site affordability and pursuit of a healthy outdoor lifestyle as two important factors in RV travel. Others include the flexibility and convenience offered by RV ownership. It affords them the opportunity to escape whenever their busy schedules allow, whether it be for a quick weekend getaway or an extended vacation lasting a week or more. The comfort of modern RVs is another reason many are turning to the RV lifestyle.

The RV industry has done a fantastic job in listening to the needs of its customer base and keeping up with current trends. With advances in technology, today’s RV owner can find just about any option they desire in their home-away-from-home.

One such innovation is the use of cleaner energy by way of solar panels. The process of adding solar panels to big rigs has become easier and more affordable – a great benefit for those who desire a more green experience.

Outdoor cooking has always been a fun aspect of every camping experience, and yesterday’s fancier RVs may have been blessed with an outdoor grill and a small refrigerator and sink inside. Today’s RVs can be tricked up to rivel any modern kitchen. Outside panels open to expose grills, griddles, microwave ovens, and luxuries such as flat-screen TVs and USB speakers.

The latest trend in RV design features changes both inside and out. Consumers have more choices, one of which is simpler exterior graphics. Inside, lighter décor options have been added in addition to previous elaborate packages.

More than half of all RVers travel with their pets, and manufacturers are taking notice of this trend by making RVs more pet friendly. Leash latches are commonly added to exteriors. Hidden dog bowl drawers can be extended during feeding and tucked away when not in use. Some RVs come with dedicated doggy bed and kennel space.

Perhaps most importantly are improvements made for safety. Tire pressure monitoring systems are becoming standard equipment and can help avoid blowouts. Off-road tires, raised axles, and larger holding tanks are available making remote areas more accessible.

Everyone loves to keep up with the latest tech gadgets. Apps are now available to control your RV straight from your smartphone. Image adjusting the temperature, turning on lights, extending the slides, or checking your tank levels – even if you’re away from your site.

If you’re an experience RVer, the future looks bright as campgrounds continue to evolve to support the latest trends. And if you’re a novice, or a tent camper looking to explore RV travel, contact an RV dealer and ask about rental and sharing options. It’s a great introduction to the world of RV camping!