Name that song car game

Name That Song

Name That Song Someone picks a category, such as “Songs with a girl’s name in the title” or “Songs by Elvis Presley.” Each contestant must write down as many songs they can think of in 2 minutes. Whoever gets the most songs is the winner.

Alphabet Car Game

Alphabet Game

Alphabet Game Pick a topic, such as food or animals. The first player has 10 seconds to name something within the topic that begins with the letter “A.” The second player must then name something with the letter “B.” Continue down the alphabet until someone misses. Start each game with…

Movie Car Game

Movie Game

Movie Game The first player must say the name of an actor. The second player must name a movie that actor played in. The next player must name a different actor from the same movie. Next come up with a different movie that actor played in. For example: Julia Roberts…

20 Questions Car Game

20 Questions

20 Questions Someone thinks of an object. Players then ask “yes” or “no” questions to try to figure out what the object is. They have a total 20 questions to come up with the correct answer.



Fortunately/Unfortunately Players concoct wild stories by taking turns using statements that alternately begin with fortunately and unfortunately.  For example: “Fortunately, the amusement park isn’t going to be crowded today.” “Unfortunately, it’s because Bigfoot scared all the customers away.” “Fortunately, it was just a man dressed in an ape costume.” “Unfortunately,…

Animal Car Game

Animal Game

Animal Game One person names an animal. Each person in order has to name another animal that starts with the last letter of the previous animal named.  For example: Giraffe. Elephant. Turtle.

scavenger-hunt car game

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt Make each person a list of objects to watch for while driving.  As each object is discovered, it is marked off the list. See who finds the most objects by the end of the trip.