Do you play music, host DJs or live bands at your campground?  Did you know that music is protected by copyright law, which provides exclusive rights to copyright owners to perform or play their songs. If someone plays music without permission, they are infringing on the copyright, and copyright law allows the owner to recover damages ranging from $750 per violation, to $150,000 if a court decides the infringement was willful. You can control the music your musicians play by letting them know the companies you are licensed with so they can design their set lists accordingly.

Through our partnership with Hospitality Connections, OCOA is pleased to offer our members discounts on music license fees – we currently have discounts through ASCAP and Global Rights Music for 2024 but expect even greater discounts along with more discount providers to choose from for the 2025 camping season!

Not sure of what music licensing is or whether you need a license? View our Music Licensing Q&A Fact Sheet.  Read/Print PDF File

For more information on the music licensing discount or to sign up, contact OCOA at

ascap logoASCAP rates for the 2024 season*:

Based on Annual Live & Mechanical Entertainment Costs:

  • $ 0 – $ 4,999.99: $402.00
  • $ 5,000 – $12,499.99: $801.50
  • There are 975,000 songwriters, composers, and music publishers in the ASCAP catalog.
    *2024 season sign-up deadline: May 20, 2024

ASCAP Catalog:

Global Music Rights rates for the 2024 season*:

  • The fee is $1.35 per camp site for the 2024 season
  • The Global Music Rights catalog represents today’s greatest and most popular music creators with 115,000 works including 100+ Billboard 100 #1s.
    *2024 season sign-up deadline: May 20, 2024

Global Music Rights catalog 


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