Camping Etiquette


I will be considerate of other campers by respecting their rights. I will be courteous in my dealings with other campers, respect their privacy, be in control of my children, and make sure my pets are on leashes and cleaned up after.


I will always use caution with my camping equipment and always handle fuel and fire with the respect it demands.


recycleI will teach my children the importance of keeping our campsite clean. I will pick up litter and keep my area in a way that I can be proud of.


I will protect the environment and help guard our natural resources. I will strive to leave the environment, and in particular my area, in a way that is pleasing to those who follow.

Common Sense

putting-up-tentI will always try to use common sense in every situation and think things through before reacting rashly.


I will cooperate with others in the campground and share the responsibilities that are a part of the camping experience. And I will obey the campground’s rules and regulations.