Tips for cooking over a fire

Tips for cooking over a fire

Never cook food over a naked flame. Food cooks evenly over hot embers. Don’t forget aluminum foil! You can cook most meals by wrapping food in foil, sealing, and placing directly on the embers. Use a spray bottle to dampen flare-ups to prevent overcooking. Use the right kind of firewood.…

Tips for camping in a tent

Tips for camping in a tent

Check out these helpful hints if you plan on tent camping. Practice setting up your tent before you arrive. Prep campfire-friendly meals ahead of time. Waterproof your tent with silicon spray (don’t forget the zippers!) Take advantage of campground amenities to avoid overpacking.

Tips for Camping in the Winter

Tips for camping in the winter

If you enjoy camping year ‘round, consider these tips:   Dress in layers, keeping your base layer lightweight and form fitting to block the cold out.    Layer up a sleeping bag + quilt   Put a hot water bottle  at the foot of your bed. Change out of wet…

Plastic storage containers for camping organization

Cheap Tricks

Check out the plastic storage containers at your local dollar store to find some compact, inexpensive (and waterproof) ways to store your camping staples like playing cards, first aid supplies and food ingredients.

Collaspible laundry basket trash can

Garbage in, Garbage out

Here’s another space-saving idea: bring along a collapsible laundry basket, then place a garbage bag in it when you reach your campsite. It will make it easier to stash your trash.

Nice Spice Storage

Instead of bringing along all of your individual bottles of spices, save space by using rectangular plastic breath mint boxes to store them. These tiny boxes will take up very little space yet you’ll still be able to see which spice is inside each one.

Night Light Water Jug

Light Up the Night

For an easy way to make a lantern, fill a plastic gallon jug with water and then strap a headlamp around it with the light pointing in. Voila! Instant lantern.

Wine Bottle Cork for Floating Keys

Keep Your Keys

If you’re planning on going boating or participating in other water sports, here’s a simple way to make sure your keys don’t fall out of your pocket and end up at the bottom of the lake:  Attach them to a cork and they’ll float right to the surface.

Insect Repellent

Make Flies Fly Away

There’s nothing more annoying than having flies hanging around when you’re trying to enjoy a meal. Next time, try this: Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of half pine-scented all-purpose cleaner and half water, then spray it on your table and other surfaces. Flies apparently hate the scent of…

Simple Smores Snack Mix

Simple S’Mores

If the kids just can’t wait until that nighttime campfire to enjoy the taste of s’mores, here’s an easy way to keep them satisfied: Make a s’more snack mix by mixing together: 2 cups of mini marshmallows 2 cups of bear-shaped graham cracker treats 1 cup of chocolate chips

Hanging Shoe Rack for Camping Utensils

A Shoe-in for Storing Cookware

Instead of constantly digging through your supplies to find that spatula or meat fork that you need, bring along an over-the-door plastic shoe organizer and hang it up at your campsite. The pockets will make it easy to store — and find — your cookware items.

Convient Camping Caffeine-Coffee

Convenient Caffeine

If you just can’t start your day without a steaming cup of Joe, here’s an easy way to bring it along on your next camping trip:  make several “coffee bags” (similar to tea bags) by putting a scoop of coffee in a paper coffee filter and tying it up with…