Camping Provides an Escape from Uncertainty

There has never been a better time to be a camper! To say that the last year has been challenging would be a huge understatement. Restrictions on entertainment options, interruptions in employment, and concerns over personal safety have had a major effect on our lives. But for many, camping has provided much-needed relief in otherwise troubling times. A survey of recent campers offered the following comments:

When outdoor recreation is deemed healthier than staying indoors, it’s hard to think of a better alternative than a camping vacation – whether it’s for all summer, a week, or just a weekend getaway. Families can safely bond around a campfire, go for a hike, or take a golf cart excursion around the park.

Many popular camping activities make it easy to maintain social distancing. Cornhole, swimming, and fishing are often listed as favorite campground activities in which all can participate while keeping a proper distance from others. Spread out your camp chairs and visit with neighbors. Go on a scavenger hunt or decorate your campsite in a holiday theme. An evening of bingo can even be played while sitting apart from others.

Not only is camping a healthier alternative to many other vacation options, but it’s more affordable as well. Studies show that camping is one of the least expensive vacations a family can take. In times of economic uncertainty, families can try camping for the first time with as little as a tent and a few basic sleeping and cooking supplies.

So when life around you gets a little crazy, remember there is still a safe and affordable vacation option that can help you get away from it all. Whether you’re an experienced seasonal camper or a novice looking for a new adventure, you’ll find over 140 members of the Ohio Campground Owners Association who are qualified and ready to serve you!